Niagara Regional Police recruiting Auxiliary Officers

CKTB - NEWS - Auxiliary Officer

The Niagara Regional Police are once again recruiting Auxiliary Officers after the program was temporarily suspended due to COVID-19.

Successful candidates receive some law enforcement training and help uniform Niagara Regional Police Officers at events on a volunteer basis.

The NRP are hoping to bring on 40 new auxiliary officers to fill out their 75 person unit. Training begins next year.

Applications will be accepted until December 31st.

Candidates will need to complete a fitness test, a written comprehension and report writing test, an interview with NRP recruiting staff, and take part in a psychological and medical assessment.

A thorough background check is also required.

Although many people who wish to pursue a career in policing join an auxiliary unit to get some real-word experience, auxiliary officers do not have police powers.

More information is available online.