Niagara's Chief Medical Officer says keep practising physical distancing

daytime sign please use physical distancing

This weekend marked the reopening of boat marinas and launches, trails and public parks as well as golf courses in Niagara. 

And with the loosening of restrictions comes a reminder that we must continue to practise physical distancing.

Dr. Mustafa Hirji,  Niagara's Acting Chief Medical Officer of Health says we can't let our guard down now that the province has loosened restrictions. 

"It's really important when we go out we keep our physical distance, we continue to do all the behaviours we've had to do the last little while because COVID-19 isn't gone, and we don't want to start to get sick." 

Yesterday afternoon hundreds of people could be seen in the area around Table Rock House at the brink of the Falls. 

Hirji said it's great to get outside but says we should do it in a way that keeps ourselves safe. 

"Covid-19 is still out there, we are still seeing people getting ill from Covid-19 and the more we get out and about and start to interact in society, the more likely we are going to get sick, and to see the infection spread more, I think it's great that we can see more businesses open up but we still need to do all those things we can do voluntarily to stop the spread of infection"  

The Niagara Parks Commission has electronic signs throughout the area around the Falls and Dufferin Islands reminding people to keep a safe distance apart.   

On Tuesday,  even more aspects of the economy will open as part of the province's framework for reopening Ontario.