Niagara's school bus plans have been released

CKTB - NEWS - School Bus

Parents now have a better idea what riding the bus to school will look like in Niagara this year.

Niagara Student Transportation Services has released the seating and route plan for next week on the NSTS website.

Executive Director Lori Ziraldo says they know some parents may still change their mind and can opt in weekly.

"If by 3 p.m. on Monday a family notifies us that they want to have the bus for the following week we will process that information and every Wednesday we're posting what the transportation plan and seating plans are for the following week."

Bus drivers will let children know if their seats change, but parents are reminded to login to the NSTS website to make sure the pick-up time hasn't changed.

Ziraldo also encourages parents to download the new Bus Planner Delay App (Google Play, Apple App Store) instead of relying on the previous email-only system.

"We did that over the summertime because we knew this year potentially we would have some delays. We always do to start up the school year until we can build some routines. We certainly wanted to make sure we optimized the way that we communicated those out to parents."