Niagara's SPCA obtains dogs after abuse video circulates on social media

CKTB NEWS | german shepherd puppy

Shocking video circulating on social media today depicting some German Shepherd type dogs and puppies being physically abused at a private residence in Niagara Falls has resulted in the dogs being surrendered by the owners to Niagara SPCA's shelter in Niagara Falls. 

An Animal Services Officer was sent to the home to address potential humane treatment violations of the City of Niagara Falls’ animal care and control bylaw.

The new Ontario provincial animal welfare hotline was also notified. 

There are no dogs believed to be left at the address. 

The dogs are not currently available for adoption but are under the care of the in-house veterinary medical team. 

Any potential animal cruelty prosecution now rests with inspectors appointed by the Ministry of the Solicitor General.

This new process is a direct result of a landmark Ontario Superior Court decision challenging the constitutionality of an animal welfare charity empowering its employees with broad
ranging policing authorities.

The dogs will remain in the care of the Niagara SPCA until they are ready for adoption.