Niagara's top doctor advocating for residents in LTC's to get first doses of COVID vaccine


Niagara's top medical officer of health wants residents of long term care homes in Niagara to get the first doses of the COVID-19 vaccine before health care workers. 

Dr. Mustafa Hiriji  says Niagara's vaccines need to go directly to residents in long-term care, retirement and other congregate settings.

"We really believe that the residents need to be top of the list for getting vaccinated.  I look at, in Niagara in the last few weeks we've had over 70 deaths among long term care and retirement home residents" 

Hirji says after that group, vaccinations should then go to those providing care in LTC's other health care providers. 

As for when Niagara Public Health can expect to see the vaccine in Niagara, Hirji says he still doesn't know a definitive date but expects them before Friday. 

Hirji says the province has moved away from its initial rollout plan that saw some doses of the vaccine saved for second injections.

He says all available doses sent to Niagara will go into patients arms and he's confident the supply chain from the province will continue without delays for second doses.