Niagara school board trustee who didn't want to fly Pride flag taking four-month leave


A controversial school board trustee in Niagara is taking an extended leave from her job.

The Niagara Catholic District School Board announcing today that trustee Natalia Benoit is now on leave from her duties until the end of January.

Benoit made news headlines in May after appearing to compare the Pride flag to a Nazi flag.

She was seen on a video saying she didn't want the Catholic Board to fly the Pride flag, saying she didn't want to fly any flag at all.

"Well, any flag at all... Like the Nazi flag, we don't want that up either, right?" Benoit says in the video.

The Director of Education for the board, Camillo Cipriano, said he was "very disappointed" in Benoit's comments and they didn't reflect the board or staff's views.

The board says Benoit asked to be excused from attending the regularly scheduled meetings of the Board until January 29, 2024, and that was approved by the Board.