Niagara takes a wallop from Mother Nature as 50+ cm of snow reported

Person walks through snow storm

"It's a storm that people will be talking about for a long time."

 Doug Gillam, Meteorologist with the Weather Network, telling CKTB that the system that ripped through Niagara brought more than 50 centimetres to parts of the region.

The early Environment Canada reports showed that St. Catharines picked up the most snow of anywhere in the province. A measurement of 50cm was taken during the noon hour but Gillham says there was more snow after that.

The storm also featured a thunderstorm near Buffalo where they had two hours where over 20 centimetres fell in 2 hours.

To this point we had seen very little snow this winter but Gillam says this changes the season totals, "one big storm can really skew the season." He adds, "from this point in the season we are pretty bang on average cause we just made up for a month and half's worth of snow in one storm."

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CKTB asked listered to tweet in some of their snow pictures and here are some of sights.