Niagara watching traffic and pedestrian flow around newest 'mega' high school in Lincoln

west niagara sec new

Niagara has been watching the roads around the newest high school in the region.

West Niagara Secondary School opened its doors on September 5th, 2023, and has caused congestion on Highway 8/King Street in Lincoln.

Part of the issue is that it replaced high schools in Smithville, Beamsville and Grimsby, and consolidated 1500 students into the 'mega-school'.

The new school is on a road, featuring wineries, auto shops, and a garden centre, and until the school was set to open didn't even have sidewalks.

Regional officials say staff members have been observing traffic throughout September, and the results have allowed the Region to move forward with a pedestrian count, which could lead to a crosswalk being added in the area.

Currently there is a crosswalk in front of Peavey Mart, formerly TSC, where students can cross.

The Region expects the count to be completed by the end of October.

Officials also say road re-design options will also be considered as part of King Street’s future reconstruction planned for late next year, and early 2025.