Niagara West federal election candidates debate issues on CKTB

niagara west candidates

The candidates from Niagara West taking part in 610 CKTB's debate today.

Liberal candidate Ian Bingham, Conservative candidate Dean Allison, and the NDP's Nameer Rahman is studio talking about the issues ranging from the enivronment to health care. 

While healthcare is primarily a provincial issue, the candidates shared what they want to see happen in our health care system. 

Alison says a Conservative government will continue stable funding and increase it at the minimum of inflation.  

Bingham wants to see wages for PSW's increased for better at home care for seniors, he also touched on a so far non-costed Liberal pharmacare plans.  

The NDP have been pitching a pharmacare for all plan and Rhaman reiterated that plan adding in proposed dental coverage as well.  The NDP platform says it plans to pay for those programs by closing 15 billion tax loopholes.

Also running in Niagara West Terry D Teather with the Green Party, Harold Jonker with the Christian Heritage, and with the People's Party of Canada Miles Morton.

You can hear the entire debate, including the debates from St.Catharines, Niagara Centre, and Niagara Falls on our website by clicking on Niagara Votes.