No Canadians approved to leave Gaza on Friday were able to exit

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Global Affairs Canada says it's hopeful the Rafah border crossing will reopen soon to allow hundreds of Canadians waiting in southern Gaza to pass into Egypt.
The latest list of foreigners approved to exit included 266 Canadian citizens, permanent residents and their family members.
But Global Affairs says the crossing was closed Friday and none of them were able to leave as Israel's military continues its bombardment of the region.
A total of 107 people with connections to Canada crossed earlier this week.
Some of those Canadians have since reached Canada, while others remain in Cairo.
Egypt is allowing people fleeing Gaza to stay 72 hours in the country.
Global Affairs says it's aware of 550 Canadians, permanent residents and family members who are currently trying to leave Gaza, including those who were supposed to cross Friday.
Meanwhile, the department has hinted at the possibility of Canadians being among those captured by Hamas in the October 7th attack in Israel.