No clear picture of what led up to a massacre early Friday morning in Oshawa

police tape

Police have identified the shooter in a massacre at an Oshawa, house early yesterday.

They say he was 48-year-old Mitchell Lapa, of Winnipeg and that he died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Police say Lapa was a relative of the four family members who were slain and was an uninvited person to the home.

A pickup truck located at the scene with Manitoba plates is registered to Lapa.

A 50-year-old woman survived the shooting but is being treated for serious wounds.

The quiet suburban street east of Toronto erupted in chaos early Friday morning when neighbours said they heard shots and screaming.

Two of the dead were under the age of 18.

Four were male and one was female.

No other names have been released and no motive has been given.

In the afternoon, police tweeted that they had found an ``unknown device'' in the house, and cleared the area for more than an hour before determining it wasn't a threat.

People, meanwhile, have been stopping by the house to drop off flowers in memory of the family.