No extended break for Ontario schools

Stephen Lecce - Jan 15

There will not be an extended winter break for Ontario students.

Education Minister Stephen Lecce says after consulting with the province's top doctor and the public health measures table, an extended winter break is "not necessary at this time".

The comment comes after speculation around whether or not kids would come back to school later in January than regularly scheduled for.

 "As we continue to see increased rates of community transmission, our schools have been remarkably successful at minimizing outbreaks to ensure that our kids stay safe and learning in their classrooms," Lecce said in the statement.

 Lecce adds they will consider any option and take any action necessary to keep schools open in January and beyond.
 "As we safeguard the progress we’ve made in our schools, we will continue to closely monitor all indicators, trends and numbers to protect the safety of our children, their families and all frontline staff in Ontario’s schools," he said.