'No more bloodshed' residents gather in STC in honour of Ukraine plane crash victims


'No more blood shed' was the phrase spoken by each presenter at a vigil in St. Catharines in honour of the victims of the Ukrainian airplane crash.

Approximately 40 people attended the vigil that was held at city hall.

Speakers included Folk Arts Executive Director Emily Kovacs, St. Catharines MPP Jennie Stevens, city councillor Karrie Porter, and Zach Dadson representing MP Chris Bittle.

The overall message of the event was about how important it is to come together as a community to support the friends and families of the victims.

Kovacs spoke about the effect this tragedy has had on Ukranians and Iranians in Niagara, and spoke about how there needs to be 'no more blood shed'.

The vigil was held in memory of the 167 passengers that were killed when Flight 752 flying out of the Ukraine crashed.

Of the 167 passengers, 63 Canadians were on board.

138 of the passengers were heading for Canada.

Iran has since taken responsibility for the crash, saying they accidentally shot down the Ukrainian passenger jet.



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