No rush to charge COVID violators in Niagara

CKTB - News - Niagara Regional Police Chief Bryan MacCulloch

As Regional politicians in Niagara say the time for education is over when it comes to following COVID-19 provincial regulations,  Niagara's Police Chief is saying there is a balance that must be followed. 

Bryan MacCulloch says emergency orders change almost weekly so there is a requirement on the part of the NRP to make sure members of the public or business owners are aware of all of the legislative requirements.

"Given the fact that the emergency orders change on a weekly basis, there is a requirement on our part to ensure that the members of the public or bar owners, restaurants owners are aware of all the legislative requirements because they do change on a fairly regular basis."

The Chief says since the pandemic started in March they've received a couple thousand complaints and laid some fines but he didn't give specific figures. 

MacCulloch added "where there is evidence to proceed with a charge and it's appropriate to do so, we absolutely will do so."