NOTL ambassadors will be out greeting residents and reminding them of COVID rules


If you are planning on visiting one of Canada's most haunted towns this Halloween weekend, be ready to be approached by a town ambassador.

Town officials say following a successful summer program, Shaw Guild volunteers will be back patrolling the streets of the Heritage District beginning on Saturday, October 31, until December 20.

Ambassadors will be available between noon and 4 PM, weather permitting, on Saturdays and Sundays, to welcome visitors, provide information about the Town and educate the public on provincial COVID rules.

The objective of this program remains to provide information and education only, not to enforce.

The volunteers will be wearing a “racing bib” type of label.

“We are so grateful for the Shaw Guild and the passion and dedication they continue to demonstrate in helping to keep our community safe, even amid a global pandemic,” stated Lord Mayor Betty Disero. “This has proven to be a very successful partnership and we look forward to all the possibilities it opens up in the future.”

“When we asked those who volunteered to be ambassadors for the first pilot if they were interested in participating in a second, we had an excellent response,” stated Cheryl Morris, Communications Chair of the Shaw Guild. “We are very happy to resume this well-received program.”