NOTL sets up COVID complaint line and bans on-street parking

Queen Street - Bagged Parking Meter2

Niagara-on-the-Lake is taking another step to deter tourists from coming to the historic town by banning all on-street parking within a designated area.

“No Parking” signs will be posted to warn drivers and several Enforcement Officers will be on-duty issuing tickets to those breaking the rules.

All 1-Hour Resident Parking Permits will be void during the parking ban.

Despite this parking ban, the following accommodations will be made:
1. While parking restrictions will be strictly enforced throughout the designated area, vulnerable resident’s dependent on the care of family and/or support workers remain a high priority for Town Council and Staff. If a ticket is issued to a person providing an essential service, please contact the Town at immediately.
2. Residents holding a Dedicated Parking Permit will be permitted to park within the banned area.
3. 15-minute parking zones will be established to accommodate patrons of essential businesses remaining open in Old Town

The road signs previously situated at main, high-traffic entrances will also be relocated to strategically target out-of-town visitors.

Messaging will be adjusted to say: "State of Emergency," "No Facilities Available,” “Parking Enforced,” and “Essential Business Only.”

The town has also set up an email address for concerned residents to send complaints to