'Now is the time when we all step up.'

CKTB - NEWS - Walter Sendzik Stay At Home Order

Ontario's latest State of Emergency and Stay At Home Order requires all residents only travel for essential purposes.

Simply put, the order limits travel to getting groceries, medication, or other necessities, visiting a doctor, and going outside for exercise.

While essential workers will still be travelling to and from work, all other workplaces are required to allow any employees who can work from home to do so.

Reacting to the news yesterday, St. Catharines Mayor Walter Sendzik said even though vaccines have started to arrive in Niagara we are in a state of crisis.

"Our public health care workers are working hard. Our health care workers working in hospitals, long-term care - they are overwhelmed. So let's do what we can to help them. Let's do what we can to be a part of breaking the transmission. Now is the time when we all step up."

Legal parameters for the Stay At Home order will be published online today providing more understanding on what is  allowed.

The order takes full effect tomorrow.