NOW | Students protest for accountability from Schimmelpenninck and University

david schimmell

Students at Brock University are protesting this hour asking for accountability from the school and a controversial Professor.

Protests were planned today as Russian History teacher David Schimmelpennick was set to return to teaching.

Brock announced yesterday that the class had been cancelled.

The professor and the University sparked outrage on campus after Schimmelpennick was found guilty of sexually harassing a student in 2014 in a University-conducted investigation but continued to teacher for two years until the student went to the media.

He was then removed from the classroom in 2016 but was set to return today.

Brock didn't say why they cancelled the class but did say they will be accelerating a review of its Sexual Violence and Harassment Policy.

While a hallway protest in front of his classroom was cancelled, students handed out information to the campus community at the Sir Isaac Brock statue from 2-3 today.

A protest is now taking place until 4pm at the Sir Isaac Brock statue.

Students say they want to publicly demand accountability from Schimmelpenninck and Brock University.