NPCA and former CAO resolve issues


The Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA)  has resolved issues arising from former CAO, Mark Brickell's departure from the organization. 

Brickell was fired December 6th of last year by the previous board of directors, at the end of a tumultuous term that saw the agency the subject of report by Ontario’s Auditor General.. 

Brickell, in turn, filled a $2.3 million dollar wrongful dismissal suit against the NPCA. 

In a joint news release this afternoon, the NPCA says they have resolved outstanding issues, with the former CAO, however, no financial terms were mentioned. 

Board Chair, and West Lincoln Mayor, Dave Bylsma thanked Brickell for his contributions through a controversial time at the agency and commended Brickell's financial leadership, which he says was confirmed by a "clean" 2018 financial audit conducted by KPMG.

 In the release, Brickell indicated he was proud of his achievements while at the helm of the NPCA.

The joint statement fails to mention or disclose any financial terms or how the resolution was reached. An email from the NPCA's Communications Specialist characterizes the issue as a Human Resource matter and indicates the agency will not be providing any further comment. 


We are pleased to announce that the NPCA and Mark Brickell have resolved the issues arising from Mr. Brickell’s departure from the NPCA.

COMMENT FROM NPCA BOARD CHAIR, DAVE BYLSMA: Mark Brickell assumed the role of CAO at the NPCA during a very public and highly controversial time. We appreciate the passion that Mark Brickell brought to the role and his desire to create a professional, positive and high-performing workplace. We also appreciate the improvements he made in managing capital spending, growing revenues and delivering surpluses. Notably, Mr. Brickell’s financial leadership of the NPCA was confirmed by the “clean” 2018 financial audit conducted by KPMG. With a new Board governing the NPCA, this is an opportunity to make a fresh start and we are looking to continue to move the Organization forward with a goal of becoming just that – a professional, positive and high-performing workplace.

COMMENT FROM MARK BRICKELL: I am proud of what I accomplished at the NPCA. I was hired to guide the NPCA at a very challenging time and led the NPCA through a successful audit by the Auditor General of Ontario. While the organization still has improvements to make, I was able to successfully initiate many processes that have begun the development towards creating an efficient and productive environment focused on best business practices while balancing the management of our natural resources.


The NPCA Board wishes former CAO Mark Brickell well on his future endeavours.