NPCA opens 14 conservation areas for passive use

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Some outdoor spaces are reopening to help people get a breath of fresh air.

The Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority has reopened 14 conservation areas including Two Mile Creek, Wainfleet Bog, and Binbrook Tract.

CEO Chandra Sharma explains the spaces are open for passive use only.

"Passive use really is when people can go into the conservation area and enjoy hiking, bird watching, cycling (where appropriate), photography, nature photography."

She asks people to maintain physical distancing while using the spaces.

"We want them to stay on trails and step off only if needed to allow others to pass safely. We want them to not gather or arrange to meet friends or groups. This is not a party area, this is for people's safe enjoyment."

Shama says they are taking a phased approach to reopening NPCA properties, and will open other areas when it is safe to do so.

Provincial parks are also reopening today.

Starting today, the following NPCA areas are open for passive use:

  • Gord Harry Trail 
  • Hedley Forest
  • Two Mile Creek 
  • Virgil 
  • Willoughby Marsh 
  • Binbrook Tyneside Trail only (not main Binbrook park)
  • Binbrook Tract 
  • Canboro
  • Comfort Maple 
  • E.C. Brown Wetland (not boat launch)
  • Gainsborough 
  • Humberstone Marsh 
  • Wainfleet Bog 
  • Wainfleet Wetlands