NPCA releases salaries of 5 staff positions


The Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority has released the salaries of five staff positions that made over $100,000 a year in 2018. 

Last month, an adjudicator for Ontario's information and privacy commissioner ordered the agency to release the records to local activist and current NPCA board member Ed Smith.  

Smith filed a freedom of information request back in May of 2018 seeking the information but was denied by the NPCA. 

The agency posting on their website the salaries of the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) who  took home $156,267.00 in 2018, and the Senior Director of Corporate Services was paid $147,383.00 as current to November of 2018. 

The NPCA release fails to identify the staff members who were making those salaries but Mark Brickell became CAO of the agency in 2017 and at that time Dave Barrick was Director of Corporate Services.  

Below are the remaining salaries ordered released by the adjudicator. 

Manager, Information Management & Technology (previously disclosed) $102,035

Manager, Finance $102,035

Senior Manager, Operations & Special Projects $110,347

Director, Watershed Management $130,274

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