Nurses rally on International Nurses' Day in St. Catharines to protest Bill 124


Nurses rallied in front of a PC candidate's office in St. Catharines protesting Bill 124.

Today marks International Nurses’ Day, and about 100 health care workers gathered on Facer Street with signs reading 'Nurses are Not OK' and chanting 'Vote Ford Out.'

“Ontario nurses are leaving the profession, primarily driven by the devastating impact of the policies of the Ford government,” says Ontario Nurses’ Association President (ONA) President Cathryn Hoy, RN.

“Ford’s wage-suppression legislation, Bill 124, is incredibly disrespectful and targets female-dominated professions. It directly impacts nurse retention and recruitment and has had a profoundly negative effect on our members’ ability to provide care to patients, residents and clients during the worst global health crisis in a century.”

“It is a sad irony that nurses are holding a rally about the disrespect of nurses of the Ford government on a day on which people across the globe honour nurses,” notes Hoy. “On this day, nurses should be celebrated.”