Official mascot for Canadian Army celebrates birthday on Remembrance Day


The Canadian Army’s official mascot, a polar bear at the Toronto Zoo, celebrated her eighth birthday yesterday.

Born on Remembrance Day in 2015, the zoo said Juno was named in honour of Juno Beach, representing the historic Canadian landings in that region on the Normandy coast of France during the Second World War.

The Canadian Army adopted her as its mascot in 2015, and promoted her to the rank of Private. On her first birthday she was promoted to Honorary Corporal, and on her fifth birthday, she was promoted to Honorary Master Corporal – and still holds the title to this day.

The army says the polar bear is the “perfect” animal to represent it, as they are known to be brave, strong, and tenacious – just like its soldiers.

“Honorary Master Corporal Juno stands as a living example of the bravery, tenacity and strength of Canadian soldiers who were instrumental in the success of D-Day operations on the shores of Normandy in 1944,” the army said online.