On the campaign trail, questions about a resume and spending

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It took no time at all for Justin Trudeau's political rivals to attack the Liberal's election platform which includes a plan to run a deficit for another four years.

Trudeau is promising to impose new taxes on the wealthy, corporations and tech giants to help pay for billions in new spending.

The Conservatives are calling the platform costly and irresponsible while the NDP's Jagmeet Singh wonders why some of the proposals didn't happen over the last four years while the Liberals were in power.

Meantime, the Liberals are taking aim at Conservative leader Andrew Scheer and are asking Saskatchewan's insurance industry to investigate Scheer for his claims he worked as an insurance broker in the province.

The Globe and Mail reported over the weekend that it could not find any evidence Scheer received the necessary accreditation to allow him to work as a broker in the province.

Scheer explained on Saturday that he did receive the accreditation but left the insurance officer before the licensing process was finalized.