Online petition calling for Niagara to get rid of new dining rules signed by over 2600


An online petition calling for Niagara Council to throw out new dining rules, or even fire the Medical Officer of Health, has been signed by over 2500 people.

The petition claims that Niagara's Acting Medical Officer of Health Dr. Mustafa Hirji exploited his powers when he issued a new rule which limits dining to members of your household or an essential caregiver.

The petition is calling for council to either make Dr. Hirji rescind the order, and abide by the orders set forth by the Ontario Government, or relieve him from his position, and replace him.

Niagara Regional Council will meet in special session tomorrow to deal with the new regulations for restaurants and bars brought in by public health.

Section 22, as its officially known, states that people can only sit with members of their own household or an essential caregiver when dining or drinking at eateries and bars around Niagara.