Ontarians report issues with 2nd AstraZeneca dose bookings as expiry date looms

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The first cohort of Ontarians who received the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine in March reported booking headaches and a lack of clarity as they sought to schedule their second jabs on Tuesday.

Those who got their first AstraZeneca shots between March 10 and March 19 during a pharmacy pilot project are being prioritized as the province rushes to use a stockpile of 45,000 doses set to expire in roughly a week.

Ontario recently stopped giving out first doses of that vaccine due to what it said was an increased risk of very rare blood clots.

Val Logan, 60, says she called the Toronto pharmacy where she got her first shot to ensure she was on a waitlist for the second dose but was directed to call another location to make her appointment.

She says the new venue added her to their list, but advised her that people who got their first doses at that location would be prioritized. Logan says she was hoping the process would be more straightforward.

Others reported similar challenges, with pharmacies that administered their first shots not offering the second, and some said they were unsure where to call to book their second doses.