Ontario and Ottawa to hold child-care negotiations tomorrow

stephen lecce cp

Ontario's education minister says the province is sitting down with the federal government on Wednesday for child-care negotiations.

Nine provinces and territories have already signed deals with Ottawa on the $30B, five-year child-care plan to cut fees to an average of $10 per day and cut them in half by next year.

Stephen Lecce says Ontario officials will meet with the federal government Wednesday to try to hammer out a fair deal as soon as possible.

Lecce has said the money currently on offer from the federal government for Ontario would not reduce fees to $10 a day.

Karina Gould, the federal minister of families, children and social development, has said Ontario has not submitted a detailed action plan on how it would spend federal funds.

Lecce was speaking today in Mississauga, Ont., to announce an annual funding allocation for capital school and child-care projects of $600 million, which he says will create about 3,000 new child-care spaces and 26 new schools.