Ontario gov. will pay for operational costs of new MRI machine residents raised money to buy


The Ontario government says it will help Niagara operate a new MRI machine, the community raised money to buy.

An announcement was made today saying the government would 'investment in operationalizing' the new diagnostic screening tool for Niagara.

When asked how much that would total, Niagara West MPP Sam Oosterhoff's office said the funding will be provided as they machine becomes operational, and will depend on how many operating hours the hospital uses in a given fiscal year.

The new MRI machine became a reality thanks to Tom Rankin, CEO of Rankin Construction, who led a community-wide call to action that asked people across the region to step up and contribute to the equipment and installation for a third MRI. 

The community raised $2.8 million in total, including a $1 million donation from the Cornelius family in honour of the late Kerry Cornelius. 

"We are grateful to the government for their commitment in ensuring Niagara residents and patients have access to diagnostic imaging." said Lynn Guerriero, President and CEO of Niagara Health.

"In addition, we are also thankful to our donors who contributed to the purchase and installation of the new MRI machine.  Collectively, these investments mean that we will be able to begin to address the backlog of patients waiting for an MRI at Niagara Health."