Ontario invests $307M to combat human trafficking


Ontario Premier Doug Ford has announced $307 million in funding over the next five years on a new strategy to combat human trafficking. 

It's actually just 202 million in new money as the Tories promised to develop a stategy to address the issue last November, and at that time kicked in $105 million. 

The plan focuses on four key areas, raising awareness, holding offenders accountable, protecting victims and early intervention and support for survivors. 

Ford told the crowd at the Kristen French Advocacy Centre in St. Catharines "it’s my personal mission to put an end to this disgusting practice, as we approach international women’s day we will do our best to put criminals responsible for trafficking behind bars"

Two thirds of human trafficking cases in Canada take place in Ontario, with the average age of victims sitting at 13. 

There have been over 300 child abuse cases investigation in Niagara each year. 

Ford continued "we have to start getting tough on criminals, it’s frustrating that we see them back on the streets " adding he'll be asking the Prime Minister to get tough on crime at their next meeting. 

"It makes me furious that this is happening in our own backyard. These criminals are making 50 m off the backs of our women and children" Ford said.

Ford ended the conference by saying I’m putting the "traffickers on notice."