Ontario Liberals will look at possibility of four-day work week if elected next spring

steven del duca

The Ontario Liberals want to launch a pilot project to look at the possibility of a four-day work week if they are elected next year.

Leader Steven Del Duca joined CKTB's Tom McConnell saying promising research on the move is coming out in other countries such as New Zealand, Japan and Spain.

“The general notion here in Ontario is that we work so that we can live, we don't live so that we can work. At the end of the day you need a quality of life, and I think the pandemic made it worse."

A four-day work week would allow employees to work the same number of hours over four days instead of five, resulting in a longer break period between shifts.

One company in Ontario has already started the practice, saying it helped prevent burnout and had a minimal impact on productivity.

Del Duca added that his government will soon be releasing other election policies that will “reflect the new realities of our workforce.”

He also says the Liberal government will reinstate the basic income pilot project that was cancelled by Doug Ford.

Ontario residents head to the polls on June 2, 2022.