Ontario Ombudsman's draft report on CAO hiring coming to Niagara Regional council

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Niagara Regional councillors will get a look at the Ontario Ombudsman's report into the hiring of the region's CAO in two weeks.

A release from the watchdog's office says a copy of Paul Dube's draft report on the 2016 hiring of Carmen D'Angelo will be provided to members of regional council for review at a closed meeting on November 14th.

The Ombudsman's investigation began in August of 2018.

St. Catharines Regional Councillor Tim Rigby is one of the few councillors who kept their seat through the election last October.

Rigby says he knows everyone has been wondering why it has taken so long to get the report together, but it needs to be thorough.

He hopes the report will help close the chapter on the controversies of the old council. 

To hear Rigby's full interview, click here.

Any discussion about the draft report must happen in closed session.

The Ombudsman is required to give 'anyone who may be adversely affected' by the report a chance to respond before it can be made public.

After the responses have been submitted, the Ombudsman will make the report publicly available.