Ontario Premier not ruling out shut down after disturbing rise in COVID-19 cases


Ontario Premier Doug Ford says another province-wide shutdown is not off the table. 

Ford made the comments at Queen's Park this afternoon after  Ontario saw the largest jump in new COVID-19 cases since early June. 

The Province reporting 313 new cases of COVID-19 today. 

However, the majority of cases are coming from three hot spots, Toronto, Peel and Ottawa. 

Ford asked the top medical official in those regions for the main source of infection. 

"It's not the bars per se or the restaurants it's social gatherings, so folks, I'm begging you please just cut out the social gatherings it's just not worth it"  said Ford. 

The Premier says more regional lockdowns could be coming as a result of the spike in cases. 

He says he believes a second wave is coming and the province will introduce a fall plan to address the virus in the coming days.


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