Ontario Premier's daughter uses social media to spread COVID-19 vaccine misinformation

CKTB - NEWS - Krista Ford Instagram

Ontario's Premier may face some questions after a member of his family used social media to spread COVID-19 vaccine misinformation.

Doug Ford's daughter Krista posted a video to her private Instagram account where she holds up a flyer encouraging people to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

She reads the flyer aloud, making faces at the camera as she says, 'the vaccines are safe' and 'the vaccines have been studied for over a year now.'

After reading that the vaccine cannot give you COVID-19, she responds, "Might want to fact check that."

Health officials have reiterated numerous times that it is not possible to contract the virus from the vaccine as the vaccines use inactivated virus, parts of the virus (such as the spike protein), or a gene from the virus. None cause cause COVID-19.

Text on the lower portion of her video also states, 'Why aren't they sending bibles and telling us to read them?'

Reaction online has been swift with many expressing anger. The video has sparked a lengthy Reddit thread with thousands of comments.