Ontario reports 341 new cases of COVID-19, admits glitch in yesterday's numbers


Ontario's Ministry of Health is reporting 341 new cases of COVID-19.

Yesterday they reported 258 new cases of the virus, a number we now know to be incorrect.

Health Minister Christine Elliott says a small glitch in the system caused 87 cases not to be reported yesterday.

The true number of cases yesterday should have been 345.

To make up for the glitch, they've added the missed numbers from yesterday to today's numbers, which is why it says 428 new cases today on Ontario's website. 


There have been total of 21,922 cases of the virus in the province.

16,641 cases have recovered, and 1,825 patients have passed away.

Since yesterday's report, 18,354 tests were completed, with 14,373 tests still under investigation.

See today's data below, followed by yesterday's.