Ontario's Solicitor General asked region for enforcement data

niagara region

There is an update on regional bylaw enforcement in Niagara on tomorrow's Regional Council agenda.  

The report  indicates that on October 14th the Solicitor General of Ontario asked the Niagara Region to complete weekly enforcement and inspection data related to the Reopening Act of Ontario. 

It further asked for all information dating back to September 18th. 

As a result,  Manager of Business Licensing Angelo Apfelbaum reporting that between September 18th and November 7th Niagara's local municipalities have conducted a total of 130  inspections.  However in his report only 9 of Niagara's 12 municipalities are listed. 

From those inspections,  7 provincial offence tickets were issued, 3 offence summons, 27 warnings, 1 re-inspection  and 92 education outreaches. 

The inspection break down by municipality was as follows:

St. Catharines 41 
Niagara Falls 38 
Thorold 3
Niagara-on-the-Lake 16 
Fort Erie 4
Port Colborne 1 
Welland 13 
Grimsby 9 
Lincoln 1 

(Wainfleet, West Lincoln and Pelham no stats were listed)