Ontario's top Dr. joins CKTB to talk back-to-school safety


Ontario's Chief Medical Officer of Health joined CKTB to talk about back-to-school safety.

Dr. David Williams joining Tom McConnell shedding some light on parents' concerns of children returning to the classroom next week.

Williams says it's unlikely school boards will have to shut down entirely if there is an outbreak of COVID-19.

He says they will look at the impacted child, then classroom, then school, then region to see if any type of closure would be recommended. 

He says Ontario has confidence in its back-to-school plan, and the province has improved case contact management, and kept its case numbers low.

When asked why school boards aren't required to follow public health guidelines of staying 2 metres or 6 feet apart from others, Williams says evidence shows children do not spread the virus as easily as adults.

Williams also points out that students grade four and up will be required to wear masks.

We asked what happens if a student tests positive?

Williams says the student, along with family members living in the home, will be required to self isolate for 14 days, and family members who come down with symptoms will be recommended for testing.

He doesn't believe school bus transportation will pose an increased risk of transmission since there will be less students on the vehicle.

We asked if parents who plan to have children strip their clothing outside before entering the home are going too far.

He says it's not necessary or recommended to have children remove clothing, but he understands some parents will feel more comfortable taking that measure.

Williams says there is more of a chance that a person would become infected with the virus if he/she touches an infected surface, and then their face.