Ontario township to rename Swastika Trail after years of controversy over street

swastika trail

A township in southern Ontario has voted to rename a street called Swastika Trail following years of controversy over the private road's name.
The 4-1 vote in Puslinch Township passed Wednesday after the local council had approved a policy in July that allowed residents to propose new names for streets.
Coun. John Sepulis says he first proposed a motion to change the street's name in 2017 but it was rejected, and he's glad to see the ``offensive'' name changed.
Township Mayor James Seeley, who voted against the name change, says he supports the outcome of the vote.
Randy Guzar, who lives on Swastika Trail, has been advocating for the street's name to be changed for nearly two decades, and says he's relieved to see his efforts have finally paid off.
The street is set to be renamed to Holly Trail.