Ontario wineries and cideries with on-site stores can apply for one-time grant


The Ontario government is launching a new Winery Agri-Tourism COVID-19 Relief plan to help businesses impacted by the pandemic.

Ontario wineries and cideries with on-site stores whose business were impacted by safety measure, will be eligible for a one-time grant.

Businesses that saw a revenue decline in at least one area of their operations, such as decreased tourism, tours, events and tastings, or have faced increased expenses to comply with public health safety measures for COVID-19 will be eligible to receive support.

Agricorp will send applications for the program directly to eligible wineries and cideries tomorrow.

The government has set aside $10M for the grant program.

“Our government recognizes the significant impact of the Agri-Tourism sector on Ontario’s social and economy recovery,” said Lisa MacLeod, Minister of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries. “The launch of a new Winery Agri-Tourism Relief Initiative will support and maintain the vital jobs of those who continue to fight to ensure this sector is able to come back stronger than before.”