OPG and NRPS Marine Unit warn of risks in upper Niagara River

buoy niagara river

The NRP's Marine Unit and Ontario Power Generation are out with some water safety reminders.  

The Marine Unit tweeting out a picture of the buoy in the upper Niagara River above the Falls with a warning about risks beyond that point. 

Nicole Fabbro Director of Project Management for Ontario Power Generation's South-central Operations says they've seen a sharp increase in the last 30 days of jet skiers  going past the markers adding the operators are not only putting their own lives at risk, but those of emergency crews that may have to perform a rescue. 

They're asking riders to avoid going past the markers and also asking for the public's help in reporting violators. 

The NRPS Marine unit says going past the buoy can not only result in serious injury or death but big fines as well.