OPP laid over 3,300 charges during week long road safety campaign

CKTB News- Police OPP

The OPP laid over 3,300 charges last week as part of a North American road safety campaign.

Operation Safe Driver focused on drivers failing to share the road and risky behaviour from July 11th - July 17th.

In all, 2,927 charges were laid against non-commercial drivers and 403 traffic related offences were attributed to commercial drivers.

Speeding far outnumbered all other charges for non-commercial drivers with 2,032 speeding charges laid.

Seat belt infractions accounted for 151 charges, and 64 distracted driving tickets were handed out.

Meanwhile, 101 speeding tickets were issued to commercial drivers and 95 offences related to document non-compliance were recorded.

During the week, 28 commercial vehicles were taken off the roads for various reasons.