Outpouring of support as Barrie residents begin clean up following tornado

barrie, on tornardo

The people of Barrie are cleaning up this morning after a twister touched down yesterday.

In an address last night, Mayor Jeff Lehman called it a difficult day for the city. "We have had a number of people seriously injured by the tornado today and our thoughts first and foremost are with them and their families. Incredible work by Barrie Police and Fire going door to door, doing secondary searches even tonight as it got dark to make sure everyone was safe and accounted for in our city. And so much help has arrived from neighbouring municipalities and neighbouring services."

He says many Barrie businesses and individuals have donated food to the evacuation centre and they now have plenty of supplies for people who cannot return to their homes.

Leham says more than 50 homes have sustained heavy damage and hundreds more have 'some damage.'

A team from Environment Canada will be assessing the damage today after the tornado touched down yesterday afternoon around 2:30 p.m.

Although injuries are being reported, Lehman says no one was killed.