Over 10,000 special voting kits issued in Niagara, over 3,000 yet to be returned

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Over 10,000 voters in Niagara cast their ballot by mail or at a local Elections Canada office, but over 3,000 kits have still not been returned.

According to the latest numbers from Elections Canada 13,944 special voting kits were issued to electors in Niagara, but only 10,669 have been returned.

Outstanding special ballots must be returned by the time the polls close in your riding by dropping it off at your assigned polling place or at another polling place in your riding.

Elections Canada had anticipated 4 to 5 million voters would choose to use a special ballot this election, but by mid-August, they had revised their number to 2 to 3 million.

Locally, 4,158 special ballots were issued in St. Catharines, 3,732 in Niagara Falls, 3,213 in Niagara Centre, and 2,841 in Niagara West.

Country-wide, the highest number of kits were sent out in Victoria, followed by Saanich-Gulf Island, and Ottawa Centre takes third.

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