Over 80 people now being treated for COVID in hospital in Niagara with close to 1000 active cases

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123 new cases of COVID-19 were reported in Niagara Saturday.

The number of people being treated locally for the virus in hospital has jumped to 81, and there are 930 active cases.

Two people died while being treated for the virus in hospital on New Years Day.

110 new cases were identified on Friday.

31 outbreaks continue across the region, including a wide-spread one at the Greater Niagara Hospital in Niagara Falls, where 66 patients, and 81 staff members have tested positive. 10 deaths have occurred at the hospital.

A new outbreak has been declared at the St. Catharines Hospital is unit 4A where two staff members have tested positive.

Long-term care homes continue to experience outbreaks as well with Oakwood Park Lodge now under temporary management of Niagara Health after 24 deaths, and over 100 residents and 100 staff members testing positive.