Pandemic Response Unit to open in Burlington

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A $2 million Pandemic Response Unit built during the spring but never used in Burlington, is about to welcome patients for the first time. 

It took just a matter of weeks to build the all-seasons hospital on the grounds of Joseph Brant Hospital, and this week they'll start accepting COVID-19 patients to the field hospital who have started to stabilize but still need medical attention. 

The unit is part of a regional strategy developed by hospitals across Niagara, Hamilton, Haldimand,  Brant and Burlington  to meet the demand for COVID-19 care and help minimize potential disruptions to scheduled, regional, and community care, as much as possible. 

Starting this week, hospital teams including those from Niagara Health providing acute COVID-19 care will be able to transfer patients to the Pandemic Response Unit to support the next stage of their care, as appropriate.