Parents want to know what happens when a classroom shuts down for two weeks, does learning go online

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A new poll shows parents are preparing for school shutdowns this fall.

The poll for our brother station, NEWSTALK 1010  paints a pessimistic picture as parents get ready to send their children back to school.

The polling by Maru/BLUE finds 72 percent of Ontario parents are concerned despite all the prep, we will have a big outbreak in schools and everything will close down.

It finds the concern is greatest among parents with elementary school children.

John Wright, Executive Vice President of Maru/Blue Public Opinion North America says most parents are preparing for the possibility of an outbreak.

Wright adds one of the most pressing questions for parents is; "How do you deal with a classroom that is going to be shut down for two weeks? Do those children automatically go online and if they go online...why would they go back?"

Last week, the province released new guidance to help prevent and manage outbreaks in schools.

It says parents must screen children daily and they should not attend class if they have any symptoms of the virus. 

Teachers and principals will be asked to isolate any child that develops symptoms at school and send the child home when a parent can pick them up. 

A child must be symptom free for 24 hours before they are allowed to return to school. 

Schools will be required to advise parents of any positive tests while not identifying the student. 

If someone tests positive, their classroom cohort will be told to self-isolate and testing will be recommended.