Patients who see doctors at St. Catharines clinic being notified of hack

Computer hack-solarseven

Aviva Medical Diagnostics and Specialist Clinic notifying patients of a data breach.

In a letter to clients, the company which operates a clinic at 180 Vine Street in St. Catharines, says the data security incident was discovered in July.

While the investigation is ongoing, Aviva says it may have resulted in your personal health information being accessed, specifically your name, age and health card number.

The letter says "we want to stress that we are not aware of any misuse of this information."

It explains on July 28th, one of its staff members discovered files missing from its QHR service, a cloud based platform for managing patient records.

Aviva says access to the records was immediately suspended for all users, steps were taken to secure patient information and a team of cyber security experts were hired to investigate.

Officials say Aviva does not communicate with patients by email or text and does not solicit personal information.

If you receive any emails or text messages purporting to be from Aviva asking for account or personal heath information , consider the message fraudulent and contact the company at or call 905-662-3303