Patrick Brown says he will seek re-election in Brampton mayoral race this fall

patrick brown cp

Patrick Brown, who was recently disqualified from the federal Conservative leadership race over allegations of wrongdoing, says he will now run for re-election in the Brampton, Ont., mayoral race this fall.

Brown had previously said he would consider running for mayor again if his federal bid seemed unlikely to succeed.

Earlier this month, the Conservatives' leadership election organizing committee said Brown was disqualified based on allegations related to an apparent breach of the financing rules in the Canada Elections Act.

Brown has denied the allegations.

The Ontario politician is also facing trouble locally, after a majority of city councillors recently voted for a series of forensic investigations, including into how contracts were given to firms involved in an effort to bring a full university to Brampton.

Brown has said the group of councillors pushing the forensic investigations form a block that is critical of him, and the two factions have been at odds over an ongoing controversy at city hall.