Peace Bridge cash tolls set to soar

Peace bridge-DarleneMunro

When the border reopens, expect to pay more to cross the Peace Bridge into Buffalo or back into Fort Erie.

With traffic reduced by 94 percent because of the border closure, the Peace Bridget Authority says it will increase cash tolls as it struggles to deal with the "devastating impact" of the pandemic.

Starting December 1st, cash tolls will increase to $6 American or $8 Canadian with a second rate hike set for March of next year.

However, if you have an EZ Pass, a roundtrip increases from $3.75 U.S. to $4.00 U.S.

In a release, the authority says “it is important that we reduce the Covid-19 health risk for employees and the public and we encourage as many people as possible to use E-ZPass”

E-Z Pass transponders will be available at Peace Bridge toll booths or they can be acquired on-line

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