PELHAM SHOOTING UPDATE | Constable's brother speaks out and Detective Sgt. on a paid leave

pelham shooting 2

The brother of the Niagara Police officer shot by a fellow officer last week is giving his theory on what happened.

He believes the Detective Sgt. Shane Donovan likely had no choice but to fire his weapon in order to protect himself from Cst. Nathan Parker.

Phillip Parker tells the Toronto Star that he was bullied for years by his brother and described him as violent and dangerous.

He says he's surprised this didn't happen sooner.

The shooting happened last Thursday in Pelham while NRP officers were conducting a traffic investigation.

Grant LaFleche, a journalist and columnist with the St. Catharines Standard tells CKTB this is not the typical comment you hear from a family member but this is an unprecedented situation.

Constable Parker, who has been with the NRP for 28 years, and has had a troubled past with four disciplinary hearings against him, is listed in stable condition in hospital.

LaFleche says Donovan is on a leave with pay while the SIU conducts an investigation.