People holding out for Pfizer vaccines in Niagara may have to wait longer amid supply drop-off

CKTB - NEWS - Vaccine doses

People hoping to get a dose of the Pfizer vaccine at a pharmacy may have a bit of a tough time.

Simpson's Pharmasave Pharmacist Sean Simpson encourages everyone to take whatever shot is available to them at the pharmacy.

"We were expecting to see a little bit of a drop-off in the amount of Pfizer coming through, but we know that there is ample amount of Moderna coming through as well. So we're fully expecting there is going to be a continual supply, definitely of Moderna."

He says people holding out for Pfizer may have to wait an additional week or two. "With the supply of Moderna that's available I really encourage people, if that's what's available for you on the day of your appointment for your second dose I would snap it up."

He also anticipates the next few weeks will be incredibly busy as people try to book their second COVID-19 vaccine dose.